Bike-packing with Cinelli and Osprey.

Cinelli hobootleg geo
Cinelli hobootleggeo
Steel mountain bike with outlieb packs

For a few years I’ve been wanting to get out on my bike with my tent. Bike-packing. I’ve a lovely Cinelli Hobootleggeo. It is currently in need of a bit of love, but it is a steel framed mountain bike-with no suspension. It’s a great machine, comfortable and reliable. It also has pannier rack points.

Cinelli hobootleg geo
Cinelli hobootleg geo Cliffs

I’ve been working with Osprey for a while and they had these videos below produced by and wanted them shared. These guys are good and their videos are brilliant. Well worth a watch. This I think maybe my next project.

Cinelli hobootleg geo
Cinelli hobootleg geo

Please watch the videos, drop me a comment below-and see what you think. Dartmoor or Exmoor have possibilities-and it will be nice to swap from hiking to cycling!

I have panniers by Ortlieb that are fantastic, and perhaps a backpack from Osprey would mean I can carry light stuff on my back-whilst heavier bits ride on the frame. It’s a work in process

I’m an experienced cyclist-and have ridden on some tough paths. Adding 15KG will change the dynamic, but it will be well worth it…

Tent, sleeping bag, roll-mat, stove, food, water-filter. These are the essentials, Knife, first aid kit, map, compass etc. These little bits add up. A toothbrush, toothpaste… these can add hidden kilograms. No weight on their own but amassed together they can and will weigh you down. Look at my recent article about lightweight camping….

This summer… bike-packing? Anyone want to join me????

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Cinelli hobootleg geo
Cinelli hobootleg geo

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