Dura ace C24 Road Wheels

dura ace c24 dura ace c24 dura ace c24 dura ace c24dura ace c24 dura ace c24

I have had my Dura Ace C24 wheels now for around two years and have travelled roughly 3000 miles.Every single ride I have been on I have enjoyed and appreciated the quality and strength of the rims. Living in Cornwall the roads are very potholed and previous wheels i owned had buckled relatively quickly, and it gets expensive sorting wheels out every couple of months. The C24s are A different kettle of fish; costing from £450-£700 the price isn’t that expensive considering the advantages they give you.

The first time I’ve made on the rains I noticed instantly that they were significantly stiffer than anything else I had written and then the rings was so smooth flowing I was flying past people on downhill sections. The hub is ridiculously smooth, and if your bike is set up right the rigidity is fantastic. The power is transmitted to the road seamlessly, easily and quickly.

dura ace c24

I have had the wheels for a while now, and have travelled around 3000 miles on them, and in that time they haven’t slowed me down. I have hit massive potholes at speed, and yes I have buckled them. The impacts had been large, and i expected the wheels to be rubbing on the breaks, but no, a slight kink, but not enough to slow me down. Last week, in my accident, i hit something at 25 mph, and the wheel I thought would be ruined actually wasn’t, it hadn’t even buckled itself. So they are strong. Really REALLY strong-amazing on smooth tarmac, but can handle all the roads have to offer.

due ace c24

The rims look good too.
they have changed some of the colour schemes over the years, now they look very dark and very mysterious, and actually quite understated. Mine are black and chrome with red and black writing. They do stand out, but when they are clean they look awesome.

These bad boys are light. 606g and 789g

The rims are fused carbon and aluminium, so the best of both worlds really. The rim is metal and so it works well with standard pads-no need to get special carbon safe pads. But lets be honest, road bike brakes aren’t really great at the best of times, so I am not going to go on -suffice to say-they work, in the wet they work-but not as well. To be expected really.

due ace c24 hub

I would certainly recommend these, they have been around for some years now because they are great-You can spend thousands on rims, but these I keep on all year and love them.

PROS: Price, weight, smooth-hubs, strength, appearance.
Cons: Price.


  1. darksideccgen Reply

    I vouch for the fact that they’re really good wheels and compared to my earlier DA wheels which are my training wheels and have done about 40,000 miles, been thru 2 bike write offs and are still perfectly true, they have a limited road life, butmiles seems extraordinarily short.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks for the comment. Im on some cheap mavics at the mo. Roads around here are shocking and durability is essential. Soon a new bike, and then some new wheels too…. 🙂

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