Lands End 100 Sportive

Lands End 100 Sportive Lands End 100 Sportive Lands End 100 Sportive

So, today 5/10/14 I took part in the Land’s End 100 mile “Lands End 100 Sportive” a non competitive cycling event. What a day. It totalled at 104.3 miles. The problem started 2 miles in, when one of my friends clipped another friend and went flying. I had nowhere to go, so also went flying. Carbon and cleats everywhere.


So we picked ourselves up. My bike seemed ok, the gears had been knocked off task, and had a mind of their own, but it seemed ok. Wheels and frame were looking good. I was wearing gloves but took a massive impact on my wrist and they killed for the remaining distance.


So anyway, the ride was organised by Tempus Leisure, and they did a great job. Several motorcycle support riders, 3 feed stations and marshals posted on all tricky junctions.

Tempus Sportive Land's End 100


The ride left penzance towards Portleven, then through Helston , towards mullion and Coverack. We then cut across the county to head towards the north post and St.Ives. This is where the wind came, and stayed with us for the remaining leg. The coast road was beautiful, and not too busy, and we chased the road past Zennor, through St.Just, and onto Land’s end. We then turned back and headed for Moulshole,  and then the finish line in Marazion.

Tough ride. I missed the second feed station which was a pain, and I think I got the concentration wrong in my energy drink. I had enough energy powder for 10litres of water, but put it all in my 750ml bottle. Man it was strong, really really strong.

Bananas irritate me. I struggle to eat them, but no they are incredible for sport events, so i tried one but made me feel rough, so tossed it(sorry to following riders who may slip on it). The feed stations were well set up, with a good selection of sweet stuff. I would of given up everything for a good sandwich, but hey-wrong kind of food:(.

Tempus Sportive Land's End 100 medal


So my friend who fell off went home as he was dripping blood all over his DI2 set up. My other friend stayed with me till the first feed station and then he disappeared. I saw him 60miles later at the end! He did have a bacon sandwich waiting so all was forgiven.


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