Nikwax brings life back to tired old jackets.

review of nikwax

Nikwax brings life

Nikwax is a product that is found in all good outdoor shops.
It comes in various shapes and forms , but ultimately it is a treatment for re-waterproofing coats and tents, and also for washing and proofing down jackets.
I know I know , people say that they have just spend hundreds on a new jacket, and that they still need to waterproof it????? I can see where they are coming from, back in the day the thick old rubber coats were waterproof always-that is until they perished and fell apart. So they were waterproof, heavy and didn’t breathe. Gore-tex and event and all breathable technologies. They are lightweight, breatheable and are waterproof(if treated to a wash every now and then). So, modern jackets have a big advantage. Lightweight, and super lightweight. Fabrics that breathe keep you cool and comfortable, but this breathable membrane if it is to work correctly it needs to keep its pores clear and clean(much like our skin)…..anyway I digress.

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So Nikwax is something of a revelation. I have an old Event Rab jacket. Once was brilliantly waterproof and really light and packable. Now it isn’t waterproof, and its way too big. I was going to chuck it, but even a big jacket if its waterproof would be a great thing to have. SO I used Nikwax. Cotswold do a twin packet of a wash in cleaner, and a wash in re-proofer. It is only a tiny bit more to buy them both so I thought I would.
Follow the instructions, simple washing instructions (1-2 capfuls), let it dry, put in a cap of proofer, wash, let it dry and voila!! They do say tumble dry slightly warm or iron-cool. But I don’t have either, so a drip dry is what I used.
It is now unprecedented. An old jacket ready for the bin now looks soo refreshed, and its waterproof once again!
Definitely recommend it-This stuff saved me a bomb. (Well, I love any excuse to buy a new jacket) and despite not needing it I have a Mountain Equipment Changabang 2014(the new gore-tex pro)).

The Changabang jacket I wore daily in my months living in Morzine. Everyday skiing, at high altitude, powder skiing but mainly falling over. I fell over a lot. The jacket and my ME saloppettes were tired, and I thought I would give them the same treatment. They came out stunning. Like new, they felt stiffer, and better than they did before.
So, have a look at your local outdoor gear shop, or buy it online-Your jacket will thank you!

Here is the finished jacket with the products.


PROS: Cheaper than a new jacket, works brilliantly, easy to use.

CONS: Takes 2 washing machine cycles, not instant fix.

Here are some Nikwax’s official videos;


Here is what Nikwax say about their stuff.

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141007 Basefresh-2


Below is a video montage of me learning to ski, wearing said salopettes, and said ME jacket (In some scenes)


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