Osprey Momentum 32


I love cycling, but recently life has got in the way. I plan to start cycling to work again a round trip of 20-25 miles. Not too difficult, but with clothing, work and lunch for the day the weight in my commute pack really starts to add up. Osprey’s answer to this is the Momentum. I recently have been using my Millican The Roll, and although an amazing pack-it is slightly too high at the back. As I wear an aero-ish helmet this really annoyed my neck, that’s when I looked at Ospreys’ answer.

The pack arrived, and straight away you can see it is quite a thin pack. Not much volume between the very front and the very back. Nevertheless, it holds 32L and so should be plenty big enough. The pack has a soft pocket for phones and sunglasses, the pocket promotes scratch free utility. There is a pocket at the bottom front that I thought was for shoes, but I couldn’t get flip flops in there , so I need to work out what that is for. The reflective rain cover at the bottom of the bag is reflective and removable. There is a laptop compartment and a very organised pocket full of pouches and zips to stow and organise little things. There are(although I’ve not used yet) two drinking bottle pockets. I was worried on my rapid descents and struggles up hill that my wobbling would dislodge them. The most unusual thing I discovered was an bungee at the top. It has something to do with the top of the shoulder straps and how close the pack is to you. It’s a little odd. With use I’m sure it will become clear what its purpose is.

First ride.

Awaking at 6, I was on my Giant within an hour. The joys of my carbon Fizik saddle was painfully familiar. I set out and instantly was impressed with its grip of me. It stayed close and offered a relatively low profile in the wind. I did struggle with my S-works helmet-as its a semi aero helmet it goes back along way, and yet again I struggled with my neck. It didn’t offer the freedom I was hoping. I will experiment with the bungee chord by the shoulder straps as this may alleviate the discomfort I felt.

After my first commute, my back was damp but not drenched but I felt significantly drier than when I commuted with different packs-my Millican pack, and my old LoweAlpine pack before that. The bag was relatively rigid and slipped off my shoulders well, and I was able to unpack and repack it quickly.

Cycling home the packs rigidity was good, and appreciated. In the past I’ve not been able to stretch and roll my shoulders whilst wearing a pack. The momentum’s fit and I guess the elastic holds for the waist harness, gave it a really good liberating fit.

The only thing that I feel is a little bit annoying is the narrow pockets and the unusual pocket at the bottom. Great bag, great for commuting. The narrow pockets perhaps could be/should be exchanged for one larger pocket.

CLick below for a brief video on the pack-It helps you see how its use ability is, and sizes etc


Commuting more and more as the summer months come forward I have discovered that this bag as a commuting bag is brilliant. You can squeeze loads of stuff into it-including shoes in the weird pocket at the bottom. The pack stays close and secure next to your body while cycling, even when standing up and going for it. I messed around with the bungee chord at the top and found that it resulted in far more freedom from the helmet and the restrictions associated with a backpack and a semi-aero helmet.

Pockets are actually quite useable and it feels like a big bag but acts and looks like a small bag. Very very clever. I like it lots.

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