Rotor Q-Rings. 1100mile review.

So, 1100 miles on the Rotor Q-Rings. What do I think.

Firstly I like them, secondly I like them, and third-you guessed it-I like them. Although many people say, and there is various evidence both for and against using q rings-I would say they DO boost performance.


rotorq q rings 1100 mile review

Im running a 53-39 setup purchased from Cyclelogic in Helston(My local giant and rotor dealer) and am using a standard 105 crank and remaining running gear.

After it was fitted, the first thing you notice is that it seems large. Large means fast, so I was excited to go fast but a little worried about the hills-what with living in Cornwall. So, maiden ride after the first mile I was sold. It initially feels a little odd, and wobbly, but you very soon become accustomed to the momentum and start to discover where you can put more effort in. I had a service last week and had to change my rear cassette and chain, and opted for one tooth less, so as to speed me up! The man in the shop was telling me that the rings have 3 settings-amateur, mid and pro. I think I am still on amateur but would be keen to up it to see the difference.

So in amateur mode you do get more torque, arriving in hills with friends you are able to get one or two total turns in before dropping a gear, whereas my friends have dropped already-even though they are running Dura-ace and Ultegra.



rotorq q rings 1100 mile review

So the rings after a week I had got a collection of PR’s and some top 10s.

So I have this week completed around 1100 miles, and have loved every second. People comment, saying “thats a weird shape” and it does look odd, but it looks good. The speed and power is easier to access and I do find there is less lactic acid build up. I can go harder and faster for longer-albeit 30 seconds longer.

So, in 1100 miles my chain has fallen off about 4 tines-which is incredible considering it is constantly changing states from low to high.

So, Yes brilliant. Faster, further, SMOOTHER(forgot to mention the smoothness of the power delivery).

Any questions drop me a line!!

rotorq q rings 1100 mile review

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