#Lastpole, Basecamp and Icewarrior

#lastpole…. What’s it all about?

Friday 2nd November we descended on Princetown and to Basecamp. Basecamp is the home of Icewarrior.

Matthew Davis #lastpole wearing Mountain-Equipment jacket

Icewarrior is a company created by Jim Mcneil. A company that trains ordinary people-like me, and gives them the skills to partake in Polar expeditions. This using of “normal people” is how it used to be back in the ‘olden’ days.  In the days of Scott and Shackleton the expedition would be pitched, funded and once funded they advertised in newspapers seeking people to join the expedition.

A newspaper cutting calling for “men” on Shackleton expedition.

This was very similar to my experience. I saw the advert on facebook, but it was also on their website.

Lastpole advertisment


So I went to the recruitment day, paid a fiver, and met Jim Mcneil. Jim is a man that has had quite a career. He regularly works in polar conditions as a safety expert for films, documentaries ,and anyone who is anyone. He trains the Ice-Warrior programme and trains people to be expedition capable.


#LASTPOLE So the opportunity presented itself, and it was something I really want to do. To be someone who has done something so incredible, to be one of the few in the World that has been somewhere.

The implications are significant. Both financially and time heavy. For a once in a lifetime opportunity-that will take place (all being well) in February 2019, its up to me to raise my profile, seek companies and individuals that want to join this scientific expedition. The last World first.


The route of #lastpole expedition

We are embarking on this great expedition in the name of science. We will be walking 800 miles in 80 days. 4 groups of 7 people, each completing 200 miles in severe temperatures. Our goal is to get a cross section of the ice thickness, measuring the ice on such a long trek will give us monumental data that has never been achieved before. Polar bears, we know they live around the coast, no one has ever recorded the polar bear populations over 80 miles from the coast-who knows what we will find. Pollution is an international problem, we will be charting any evidence of pollution. This is a monumentally worthwhile expedition……

Help ME!

I need to raise funds for my participation, not to pay for security and safety people to come with us-that us not an option. I am my own safety person, my own Sherpa. I need funds to contribute to the costs that this scientific endeavour will cost. For contributions I can offer various perks, not to mention GLOBAL exposure. Please help me, donate to my cause or email me at kernowoutdoors@gmail.com if you would like some exposure or ideas. I am selling patches on my expedition jacket.

#lastpole branding opportunities


Please email me if you want to invest in the future, invest in science, invest in me. I’m a qualified primary school teacher, I have a degree in photography and I will go above and beyond for those that have/will support me. Photos of Polar bears, Your brand photographed at the Northern Pole of Inaccesability …

This blog will continue on as I get nearer and nearer to the deadline . We plan to be leaving February, so please join my facebook event

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