Consider the MSR Elixir 2


3 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider the MSR Elixir 2


This week we have a guest article by Penrose Outdoors, Truro. An amazing outdoor shop that has been supporting Truro and Cornwall for as long as I can remember. Ive been in Cornwall 33 years plus. My review on the Brasher boots, they were from this shop, my Salomon Ski Boots-from this shop. They have expertise, skill and can get you pretty much anything you’re after. They have a great showroom upstairs where you can see and thus consider the MSR Elixir 2, and a vast array of stock to spend your money on. Pop in, take a look…..


3 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider the MSR Elixir 2

With a bewildering array of backpacking tents available from big brands as well as smaller, specialist brands and cost spiralling from £30 to well over £500 it can be difficult to find the right tent at the right price. While there are plenty of great little tents out there that will suit all your needs we thought we’d show you three reasons that the Elixir 2 from MSR should be one to consider.

1. Livable Space


MSR claim that the Elixir 2 is the ‘most livable backpacking tent in it’s class’ and they might be right. The unique pole geometry, which is similar to that of the award winning Hubba Hubba, provides excellent headroom throughout the tent. Unlike many other tents that feature a tapered design, only allowing usable head room at certain points.

There are also two, good sized vestibules on either side of the tent to store all your gear freeing up inside space which easily accommodates two sleeping mats side by side.

2. Versatility

Elixir_2_Fast +Light-in-white
Elixir_2_Fast +Light-in-white

The Elixir 2 can be set up in a number of different ways that allow it to be tailored to different uses and climates. There is of course fully pitched which provides the best protection from the elements and stability against the wind. There is also the option to go ‘fast and light’ if weather conditions allow, by pitching the flysheet with the groundsheet and omitting the inner tent altogether which reduces packed weight from 2.64kg to just 1.61kg. The third pitching option some might find a bit of gimmick, but  when pitched all together the flysheet can be folded back over itself into ‘stargazing mode’ which allows you to gaze at the night sky from inside the tent.

3. Price

Considering all that this tent offers in terms of usable space, weight and quality materials (7000 series aluminium poles and lightweight, durable ripstop fabrics) this tent is a bit of a bargain. It may not be as light as it’s bigger brother the Hubba Hubba, but it has a lot in common with it and retails for £150 less. And did we mention it comes in green? Far more suited to the British market than white which is the only option for the Hubba Hubba!


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So there you have it, if you would like to see the Elixir 2 or any other of our backpacking tents from MSR, Vango, Force 10, Robens or Terra Nova please head over to our website at There’s also loads of hiking stoves and accessories as well as a massive range of outdoor clothing for you to take a look at.


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