Everest Base Camp. Ultimate Kit list, and what to expect

Everest Base Camp. Ultimate Kit list, and what to expect.

This blog I will update, so please ask questions by clicking on my contact me link/comments. As i remember more and reflect I shall update this.

The Basecamp Itself. Rocky and chillyEBC


So, you’ve decided you want to trek to basecamp? You’re thinking, how tough is it, what should i pack? How fit should I be? Is the altitude an issue?

An amazing valley, dwarfed by the mountainsEBC

In answer, very tough, pack light, very fit, and YES! But its very doable. My little guide will help you on your way.

First things first. Fitness. The fitter the better, You can never be too fit. But on my travels I did see a few large people, so it’s up to you. The fitter,  the lighter the better!

The trek there is about 38 miles. From Lukla to EBC, and more or less the same back. The way back is downhill, and the air gets thicker so it is easier, but its an awful lot of downhill. If your knees are slightly ropey then take some supports. Walking/hiking sticks I found invaluable (Do not play golf with them… They bend and break:( )

Tenzing Norgay Monument (Do not climb on his shoulders. A member of our group did, and people got upset. Show respect.EBC

A stunning stone house-No neighbours!EBC


Ultimate Kit List.

Day Pack

This bag YOU carry. You want it to be as light as possible, and as easy to use and ergonomic as possible. So it has things where you need them. I used an Osprey Stratus 36. It was spot on, on the waist belt it has zips, so you can keep stuff to hand there.

Full waterproofs. I mean goretex pro. The best you can afford. If it rains, it rains. You want the best top and trousers. I have a mountain Equipment Changabang jacket, and Mountain Equipment Kongur Salopettes. Pricey but brilliant.These weigh a bit, but if you need them, cheap ones won’t help. Good equipment. Goretex or good equivalents. Mountain Equipment,PHDMontane and Rab are my preferred brands.

Water bottle (Nalgene wide mouth are great, tough and easy to clean) See on my site Nalgene review

Water Filter or purification devices- I used a travel tap. Squeeze to filter. Amazing, doesn’t taste of chlorine

Medication- Diamox, Ibuprofen, paracetamol, anti-histamine, anti diarrhoea etc. I didn’t use diamox in the end, ibuprofen was    stunning, and is a very relevant drug associated with altitude sickness.

Camera- I took a lightweight Fuji XT1. Great camera, weather sealed, high quality optics, way lighter and more useable than dslr

guide book-Lonely planet-always good.

Anti Bac gel– Lots-keep one in your pocket at ALL times!

Wet Wipes-as above

Tissues-as above

Memory cards-Get good ones. Sands extreme. Far better than cheap alternatives. You don’t want to loose photos!!

Knife. Not a cheap alternative. A good blade, Gerber or Leatherman or Swiss Army.

Porters Bag.

This bag needs to be relatively weather repellent. I used a Mountain Equipment 70L Duffel bag. It proved tough, weather proof, and spacious.

Sleeping bag. Make sure you see what the weather is meant to be like at the time of the year you go. The comfort rating is PARAMOUNT. Don’t get a comfort rating of -40c, when it will be 18c, seriously this does not help you sleep!! (I was delayed due to the quake and already had the bag).

Toiletries.- Toothpaste, toothbrush, a small shower gel(The sachets and small bottles hotels give are good. You may get 4 showers over the trek, so don’t take much)


Torch. A cree LED torch is great. A head torch is more useful. Take only one.and a battery

Underwear . Merino is amazing. Merino pants and socks cost more, but are very resistant to smell, and keep you comfortable. Ice breaker are great as trunks, and Merino socks-Bridgedale proved stunning. I tested these for durability. After 11 days in the same set, I was more than impressed!

Towel. A microfibre one is the answer. Make sure it does wrap around you and cover you, so you can move from the shower. Exposing skin in Nepal isn’t really acceptable.

Wet Wipes And AntiBac-gel-This stuff keeps you clean and healthy. Carry a few spare ones in your pack. The individual pocket tissues  are brilliant, as weather sealed and pocketable. Same with wet wipes, get pocket ones! (Toilet rolls are a faff)

Recharging cable for camera, torch phone.

Spare Shirt-I was a big fan of the Craghoppers. Cheap, practical, sun blocking,

Spare trousers/shorts. Trousers will last you, but if really hot, then shorts during those days, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

Warm Down Coat-PHD. All day long. Stunning down jackets.

Warm Gloves-As above-Go for mittens 

Warm Hat

Waterproof compression sacks. These are great for dry clothing. It keeps them dry, compresses the space they take up, and you can easily find things if you colour coordinate.


The key is to pack light. Seriously, I slipped so much in to my bag, and then dragged it out. Weight is an issue. For the Lukla Flight, for the Sherpas, for YOU. Lightness is PARAMOUNT!

Here are a few pictures that will make you want to see what I saw. Stunning!

Looking down on the villagesEBC


At the finish line…The crew EBC


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