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Well many thanks to JDD Creative for enforcing our F1 kit page.

We will be looking at outdoor kit in general within Kernowoutdoors, but some of the gear thats unto scratch will be mentioned in F1 Camping gear.


So, the ultimate kit list (We are looking at this from real peoples perspective, Im not going to be reviewing million pound camper vans), unless someone wants one reviewed.

So tent is where it is. Be it a one man, or a 5 man etc.

If you are hitching there, and looking at light weight then we will start here. The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer. A great little tent. Like a luxury bivvi.


It weighs under 2 kg and sits in a nice small pack. No bigger really than a down sleeping bag. It is a breeze to put up, and once its  up and you’re in it feels good. It’s low so avoids loads of wind, the outer is very water repellant and easy to attach to the outer.


There is a little space to keep your kit outside whilst still under the outer shell, but i put my pack inside at my feet. Just because I prefer having my stuff with me. The tent has great vents, and is is quite warm. I sleep well in it, and love the ease of putting it up, and packing it up.

Below is a time lapse video of my friend and I erecting our tents on Dartmoor, high in the hills away from everyone. Perfect.


There are lighter tents out there, but for £100 or there a bouts its pretty great. Well established, and a bulletproof design the Gossamer has been around for a while and is loved by many.

Stove for the evening meal, and for the brew in the morning has to be a Jetboil.
The jetfoil is small, light and fast. VERY FAST. in 1 minute you will have enough water boiled for your morning cuppa. After a night in a tent, waking up and knowing your brew is 1 minute away is brilliant. The day starting with a brew is great, the day starting with a  brew, a bacon sandwich, and a stunning view is simply fantastic.

The Jetboil has various models, from Titanium to the Sumo. I own the Sol Titanium because it is lighter and has an upgraded valve on the stove so it works at lower temperatures. I use mine in the snow a lot so this is a great addition.

The stoves are all really really light and compact-no bigger than 2 pints of milk. It all fits inside its cup, and stores neatly. It has electronic  ignition, and a stand. The cup has a heat exchange on the bottom, and this is why and how the jetfoil is so efficient. However I also have a super cheap frying pan that I fry my bacon in-be warned the stove puts out some real heat, and the spatulas i used melted …..That will teach me to buy them from the pound shop.

All in all the jetfoil is great. For dehydrated food it will get you eating in a minute….

PROS: Fast, lightweight, electronic ignition

Cons: Expensive,





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