Funghi Walk

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Funghi Walk

Fungi Walk started out as a stroll, but the nice weather, and the fact its Sunday I decided to go further afield, and ended up walking to Trelissick. Wearing the trusty Brashers, Montane Terra shorts, and Mountain Equipment base, fleece and shell I set off. Along the way there were amazing views, but also loads and loads of fungi and mushrooms.

tree weaving


green tree blue sky

gated eden

As the walk drew into woodlands the mushrooms were few and far between, including some strange little black and white tiny ones. They looked like matchsticks bizarrely. I also came across some black slime mushiness, and some very glutinous and jelly like versions. I plan on learning which are edible above and beyond the standard field and closed cap varieties.

black and white fungi

mushrooms in cornwall

black mushrooms

The route I walked this day…
mushroom walk

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