Millican the Smith roll 25L

Millican Smith Mavericks the roll pack 25l

Millican their roll 25l
Millican the roll 25l smith
Millican the roll sternum strap
Millican the roll 25l


Packs, bags and rucksacks. I love my bags (I’m aware that I sound like a girly girl) but packs are important. I’ve always liked quality, design , ease of use and durability. This you would think is surely available in all packs- they’ve been designed and made to fit a brief. This is not the case, I get so annoyed with great bags that are let down by simple details. One thing that I hate is the water bottle holders. I recently bought a Manta 28l AG- was lovely to wear, but a bigger to get much in it- it had zips everywhere. A great bag, but the AG system kept getting in the way- it is sprung, so it always sticks out. On a busy train it gets in the way. You put it on the floor and the wings drone the waist belt stick out. On a mountain it’s wonderful, but 28l ish is the sort of pack I wanted to be versatile – to use around town, to commute, to wear whilst cycling etc.
So I went to Cotswold outdoors to see what else was on offer. I came across the Millican range, and the Smith 25l. It was clean cut, elegant and simply brilliant. The buckles are all beautifully engineered aluminium (or steel) they are grey-blue and simply a delight. To access the bag is one simple operation. There is a hidden laptop sleeve- that was padded, discreet and useable…. the detail and design had me almost sold. I was sceptical as I take a a Nalgene bottle and a Hydro-flask everywhere – quite often they never quite fit. In the Manta they did fit, but it was a stretch- and I was well aware that in time it would fray -as it had on my Osprey Stratos. I optimistically took the millican to Cotswold’s water bottle and flask section to see if they would fit.
The bag has two pockets for water bottles , or whatever, and they fitted snuggly and importantly really securely!! I was sold…. I went home to research the bag. The next morning I went and purchased the pack! It is brilliant- simple, tough and useable. It has a life time guarantee, but I don’t think I will need it. It is so well built, and the attention to detail is brilliant! Everything is absolutely awesome.
The only one thing I have found a minor niggle is the interior pockets are not elasticated, so flap a bit. But that is it. I love it. The straps, simple and comfy- the padding brilliant!! Go and look at them- they are GREAT (cotswold outdoors are great too ) .


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