Nalgene water bottle.

Water is fantastic…… so is the Nalgene water bottle.

nalgene water bottle


There is nothing nicer than opening a fresh bottle of trendy water. Be it Evian, Vittel, or Vichy; but!

Water bottles that are disposable are clogging up the world, and filling our oceans and beaches with rubbish that won’t biodegrade. Sure they can be recycled, but take a walk around some of the coast near where I live, the quieter not cleaned bits, and you will be faced with thousands of water bottles. Just there, washed up going nowhere…. So….we all know water is good for us and we should be drinking something like 3 tonnes of the stuff a day, but a good water bottle can change everything.

Water bottles are very personal, and it does take some time to Forge a relationship with them. I discovered a brand called Nalgene. Not crazy expensive, not really flashy and fancy, it’s a massive plastic “BPA free” jar, with a big grippy lid. perfect. Once unscrewed the bottle has a large opening, the sort of size you might expect from a jam jar. This is great because it means they are easy to clean. (Cleaning we will come to.) Easy to fill up, easy to drink from , and it is guaranteed for life.

nalgene water bottle cornwall

They do various sizes. I opt for a 32oz, or 1 litre. It has clear measurements down the side so it is really easy to keep track of how much you have drunk.

Nalgene are an American brand, and I am impressed. At first I wasn’t really that bothered with it , but after using it for months and now years  I love it. I take it everywhere, chuck it in my pack and I am away.

The only annoying thing about it is the lid. It has to be done up tight. Don’t assume that its done up. Give it an extra twist and you are away. Once done up tight it will not leak.

Nalgene water bottle green lid cornish coasts
Nalgene water bottle green lid cornish coasts


Have a look here

BPA free?? What does it mean?

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