Salomon Elixir Mid Walking Boots Review.

salomon elixir mid gtx review

**Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots: A Comprehensive Review on Comfort and Foot Support**

salomon elixir mid gtx review
salomon elixir mid gtx review

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Hiking is a passion for many outdoor enthusiasts and is my greatest passion. Having the right pair of hiking boots can make all the difference in the world. Salomon, a renowned brand in the outdoor footwear industry, has consistently delivered high-performance products, and the Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots are no exception. In this comprehensive review, I will delve into the features of these boots and assess their ability to nurture injured feet along with how well they eat up the miles.

**Design and Construction:**

The Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots are a result of meticulous design and state-of-the-art construction. The boots feature a synthetic and textile upper-with a gore tex membrane, Despite the Goretex the foot box has a very light mesh cover and occasionally I have felt slight ingress.(This to me doesn’t matter as the boots are FANTASTIC) The toe box has a very light breathable mesh and thus providing a balance between durability and breathability. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the boots are not only sturdy enough to withstand rough terrains but also lightweight for an enhanced hiking experience. The weight of these boots is incredible, they are seriously light.

The boots incorporate Salomon’s SensiFit technology, which cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, offering a secure and customised fit. This design element is crucial for comfort, especially during long hikes where foot fatigue can become a significant concern. These boots feature a rocker/banana sole, and as such the lace system is designed to lock your foot. It does this at the ankle before you go in to the extra eyelets at the top. The locking is good, but ensure you get the right size and you tighten them carefully. Once locked they’re locked, taking them off is a little trickier as you have to release the laces manually by teasing them out.


salomon elixir mid gtx review
salomon elixir mid gtx review

One of the standout features of the Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots is their exceptional comfort. The boots are equipped with an OrthoLite insole, known for its cushioning properties and moisture-wicking capabilities. This insole provides a comfortable and supportive foundation for the foot, reducing the impact on joints during extended periods of walking or hiking.

The boots also feature an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) midsole, which further enhances the cushioning and shock absorption. This is particularly beneficial when traversing uneven terrains, as the boots effectively dampen the impact of each step, preventing discomfort and potential injuries.

kernowoutdoors camino trail
kernowoutdoors camino trail. Dad and I.

The Contagrip outsole, another hallmark of Salomon footwear, offers excellent traction on various surfaces. This not only contributes to the overall safety of the hiker but also reduces the strain on the feet, as slipping and sliding are minimised.

Moreover, the Quicklace system allows for easy and quick adjustment of the boot’s tightness, ensuring a snug fit without the hassle of traditional laces. This feature is not only convenient but also contributes to the overall comfort and support provided by the boots.

The rocker is why you buy this boot. I had Plantar Fasciitis and so chose these. The rocker was incredible, the miles are eaten up, and the cushioning when walking on tarmac/concrete etc is phenomenal. They truly protect and invigorate ones walking.

**Ability to Nurture Injured Feet:**

boots camino trail
boots camino trail

For individuals with injured or sensitive feet, the Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots can be a game-changer. The SensiFit technology mentioned earlier plays a crucial role in providing a secure fit without causing unnecessary pressure points. This is particularly beneficial for those with conditions such as plantar fasciitis or arthritis, where improper footwear can exacerbate discomfort.

The OrthoLite insole, known for its orthopaedic benefits, offers arch support and promotes proper alignment of the foot. This can be immensely helpful for individuals recovering from foot injuries or dealing with chronic foot conditions. The EVA midsole, with its shock-absorbing properties, further reduces the impact on the feet, making the boots suitable for those with injuries such as stress fractures or tendonitis.

The Contagrip outsole’s traction is not only advantageous for preventing slips but also aids in maintaining a stable gait, which is crucial for individuals with balance issues or recovering from ankle injuries.

The Quicklace system proves to be particularly useful for individuals with limited mobility or dexterity. The ease of adjusting the tightness of the boots without the need for intricate lacing allows for a more accessible and comfortable experience, catering to those with injuries that may restrict movement.

**Durability and Longevity:**

In addition to comfort and injury support, the Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots are designed with durability in mind. The combination of robust materials and Salomon’s commitment to quality ensures that these boots can withstand the rigours of various terrains and weather conditions. The reinforced toe and heel areas add an extra layer of protection and contribute to the boots’ longevity.


The Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots stand out as a reliable and comfortable choice for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a blend of advanced features that prioritise both performance and foot well-being. The boots’ ability to provide exceptional comfort and support, coupled with their potential to nurture injured feet, makes them a top contender in the hiking footwear market. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or someone recovering from a foot injury, the Salomon Elixir Hiking Boots are worth considering for their quality construction, innovative design, and commitment to user comfort and safety.

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