A review of the Osprey Hydraulics LT bladder.

Osprey Hydraulics LT review.

Osprey Hydraulics

Hiking? Off on a wild camp? Looking for an easy fuss-free solution to carry water whilst out in the wilds? Me too…..

I’ve always been a Nalgene guy. Wide top-easy to clean dependable, simple. Years ago I had a camel back. I though (naive I was) as I only ever filled it with water then cleaning would be scarcely necessary. One time I was drinking from the bladder and got a mouthful of grey sludge. It was nasty. It really put me off. I took it home, purchased a cleaning kit and punctured it. That was the end of the bladder. My first Nalgene has been around the world several times. From the arctic in winter to the Himalayas in summer. It has been used daily at work, on trips, whilst camping, and while out with Search and Rescue. I love it.

First Impressions.

Osprey have a new series of bladders and I thought, as I have so many of their packs, I thought i should try their reservoirs/ bladders. The Hydraulics LT 2.5L pack arrived. On opening it I was impressed by the technology and the attention to detail featured within. I found the opening and in fact the closing were a fantastic engineering feat. Brilliant.

Bladder opening.

The bladders wide opening has a slide closure-almost like the old vacuum cleaners bag-that rolls over and then has a slide on clip.
Grey clip closed.

The bladder is compatible with loads of Osprey’s packs and it is easy to install in the back. There is on the bladder a little nylon strap that clips through a loop on the pack and this holds it in place. The hose splits in the middle through a miniature hoselock type connection. This is ace, you don’t need to remove all the pack when topping up with water. I clip the hose from the bladder-remove and fill the bladder, return-reconnect and presto!!

Osprey Hydraulics straw connector.
Osprey hydraulics connector

The mouth piece is another great piece of design. There is a bite valve that is also switch off-able.
Switch on the Osprey Hydraulics bite-valve

The drinking straw comes with a strap adapter. A strong magnet that allows the bladder to stick on the strap.

The magnet strap and bite valve.

I would strongly recommend to clean the Osprey Hydraulics LT and flush it through several times before use. I didn’t because I am a bit stupid. It was disgusting. After a few rinses though all was good.


Should you bother with a bladder? Yes-if it’s an Osprey one ideally a hydraulics LT! Rinse it first, look after it and you will find it brilliant. Easy to carry -perfect weight distribution-seems silly not to!

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