Apple IPhone7 hands on review

IPhone7 hands on review

Apple IPhone7 hands on review


Welcome to my Apple Iphone7 hands on review. This is a very brief look at the Apple IPhone7, and a quick hands on review. From box to your pocket, well…..when I say review, it is literally out of the box, turn it on, and see what its like, so Apple IPhone7 hands on review is the title I decided on!

There is a video below with everything I talk about.

The box is rather dull, nowhere near as pretty as the 6s’s box, but it is still a 3d picture on the front. The sides of the box now read iPhone, and no longer have the model number labelled (Is this for the next gen….are model numbers out?)

The box is now wrapped in apples fancy cellophane with a little easy open tab, as opposed to just shrink wrap.

In the box the headphones now come on a cardboard wrap-gone is the nice hard plastic box, is this for the environment? The cable now comes with a cardboard tie, no longer a plastic band, however the plug is still wrapped in plastic…. So greener-yes, but not as green as it could be.

Apple know how to make their phones looks nice, it feels nice, and the home button is a revelation. It feels good, and the hectic feedback works beautifully.

It’s water resistant, its faster, it has a brighter flash. Apart from that, its an iPhone. But a better one. IOS 10 when you get your head around it is great, that works a treat with new Watch OS3.(I only have the original, not yet the series2). I will see how I get on, and will add some more reviews etc when and if.

As there were no other cases available I went with Apples leather case-pictured below. It fits nicely, and it feels nice, classy, sleek. However doing what I do I need more protection.

I am trialling the Apple purchase programme, and have Applecare, so if and when I break it -I hope I am covered!! :/


Apple IPhone7 hands on review
Iphone7 camera
Apple IPhone7 hands on review
iphone7 lightning port
Apple IPhone7 hands on review
iphone7 solid state home button

The phone is fast, and the screen is bright. I always have a tough case for my phones, however as of yet there are none available. I put my Lifeproof Fre on, and it fitted-I was most please until I turned it over, and the camera was all mis aligned. So, now I wait!


Below are a few quick snaps I took with the camera. Apparently a bigger brighter aperature.

Iphone7 sample images
Iphone7 sample images


Iphone7 sample images
Iphone7 sample images



If you have any questions etc, then please drop me a line!!!


Check out my video…


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