How long do hiking boots last?

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A question I asked myself when spending nearly £200 on a pair of boots 5 years ago. Well, 5 years on I look at how my Salomon Quest Origins have fared over the years of torture I have bestowed on them.


These boots have been used on every single train. Moorland, mountains, ice, snow, rivers, beaches-they’ve been everywhere. So 5 years down the line I wanted to take a closer look on how well they have lasted. I’ve always looked after them, and now and then I clean and reproof with Nikwax leather and material proofer.

5 years on and I am contemplating replacing them. They’ve always been my good, comfy go-to pair of boots. With the right socks I will hike around the world-and these were my choice (although my original choice are no longer available-traditional Brasher Hillmasters)

The boots as you can see in the video still seem to be in great condition, and to be fair they are. Well treated and well looked after. My recent outing with them was a three day camping hike over Dartmoor carrying 23kg. see the video here. Here the boots started to suggest the goretex was on its way out-I think the Superfeet that I use is part of this-and the edge of the insole has cut into the lining of the boot-but anyway-the boots.

They still look good, the laces are fantastic-still retain their vivid colour and they still have their aglets (little tape bits at the end of the lace). The leather in some places is burnished-but thousands of miles rubbing past trees and rocks will do that. The front toe protector appears to be leaving the boot slightly-only slightly though as there is a tiny gap. The soles are worn(beautifully equally thanks to Superfeet insoles) down to perhaps 2-3mm, and the rear red brake has all but gone. They still tighten up and feel secure and comfortable. All badges, grips and eyelets are intact, and they are totally complete.


So, Salomon boots. Sometimes they don’t feel as sturdy or even as well built as some other brands, but I have to tell you-they’re pretty fantastic. Quick drying, comfortable and bullet proof. Yes, they wear , but they don’t half do it with style. I didn’t know how much I loved them until now when I am contemplating getting rid of them. Salomon boots last really really well and are well worth the investment!

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