Garmin Fenix 5x review

Garmin Fenix 5x Omega

Garmin fenix 5x is an outstanding watch.

Garmin Fenix 5x Omega
A shot of my Garmin Fenix 5X with an Omega watch face

I had an Apple Watch series 3 that I absolutely loved, the only downside was that whilst doing first aid, and taking pulses the watch wouldn’t keep on the clock screen-sure I could change the settings, but the detrimental effect to the battery was contrary to the watchs’ use.  I like the idea of a longer battery, an increased monitoring feature of statistics and an always on screen.  I took a gamble and purchased the 5x. The watch is quite a chunk, and I have little wrists, so it took me a while to adjust after the slim profile of the Apple Watch.

The watch arrived, and I purchased an orange strap to give it as little bit extra. All black is a bit bland.

The watch was easy to set up, and after a couple of weeks I had mastered all the controls.

The watch was easy to set up, plugged it to my Mac, and followed the instructions.


I absolutely love the watch faces. I use one that is a rip-off from an OMEGA, I could never afford one of these, so this acts like one, and does so much more.


The heart-rate tracking is great and measures it 24/7, along with stress, steps etc.


I use for cycling A garmin edge 510, and still do-but I only use it to look at whilst cycling. I use my watch to track my rides and HR. I love one screen that tells me how hard I am trying, that is the view below. You can set your max heart rate and train towards it. As I write this the 5Xplus has just been launched, and although keen to have a pulse-ox, I will wait for the Fenix 6. The 5x is a stunning watch, tough, useable and capable.

Fenix 5x
Fenix 5x display


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