La Sportiva TX2. The ultimate approach shoe review.

La sportiva tx2


La sportiva tx2
La sportiva tx2, nalgene water bottle, Osprey Hikelite 26


La Sportiva are a premium brand and up until now I didn’t own anything by them. I was on the look out for some lightweight shoes. Similar to my Merrell gloves, but a little more… ability. I stumbled across these beauties on Cotswold Outdoors website, and as such I purchased them. Im writing this article simply to say. AMAZING. I wasn’t planning on publishing a review, but they are quite simply brilliant, and as such I want to share my thoughts.


First off, they look good. I chose the blue with orange-similar to some Scarpa shoes I had. They look good, they look well designed, and there is great attention to detail. Next the build quality, they are very light, but when on they feel tough. The climbing rand on the toe adds a level of durability (and also makes them great for a kick around in the park). These shoes deliver. I’ve been on some long hikes with these, and with a decent pair of socks 15 miles is great-occasionally you do miss the support from boots, but the shoes feel good. The super sticky vibram sole is awesome-I worry it will wear out fast as it is soft, and the tang is almost mouldable.. however… so be it. Until then I will wear them at every opportunity.

When on, they offer grip-even on wet granite. Normally my shoes and boots on wet rock our like putting on ice-skates. Not these, on wet grassy banks they are equally grippy. Seriously surprisingly grippy. The laces are light and affords you the choice of tight of loose to your foot-without compromising comfort. The old “laces must be tight” is so 1990 and before. These look after you. Walking to the shops, playing football, hiking a marathon. These are stunning. Massively impressed, comfortable, lightweight. I want a spare pair!!

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