Mous Case review.

I spent months searching for the very best case I could buy for my expensive IPhone X . The case I chose was the Mous Limitless-in Carbon fibre (See my review here). The case came with a screen protector, and from day one to day 730 I thought the case was excellent. Two years on, and the IPhone pro is announced, I went straight to mous. Ordered the limitless 3 case. This time in Aramid fibre. The case arrived quick-without a screen protector ( they no longer ship with them, despite this I installed one anywayan old one I had lying around)

Installed it, and loved it. The limitless 3 does make the phone feel heavier, but its way way better to grip. feels good, looks good and I know it can take a beating. I’m everywhere all over and am in the process of trying to get Mous to sponsor an arctic expedition I’m taking part in. #Lastpole. Mous are brilliant, Ive emailed them-and they go above and beyond, and generally seem to care about their customers.

I use my phone for everything. I’m a keen cyclist and I’m part of Mountain rescue, so I am always outside and my phone is always with me. I’m on call 24/7. The case has 2 cutouts inside-one for a SIM card, one for the ejector pi for a SIM card.

The case has a fat head and a chin-so when you place the phone down on a table screen first it doesn’t touch the table. It’s a clever protection design.


To protect a £1200 phone, the Mous is brilliant. Tough and simple-no moving o parts-just well designed, looks good, well engineered. I highly recommend it.

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