Mous Limitless IPhone X case.

Mous limitless carbon

2 Years on ….

An update on the case. I have to say it is brilliant. I cracked the screen protector-dropped Mous an email and there was a new one in the post within the week. It’s scratched and has very minor grazes, but boy has it taken a beating. 2 years with HEAVY use. Ive dropped it, cycled with it, swum, travelled, coasteered -You name it the case has stood up to it. I🔨🔨🔨 The case is still very taught on the phone, no sign of wearing out-and isn’t bulky. Best case ever… I feel. 10/10

 Limitless Carbon case.

Mous Limitless IPhone X case… the story

…….Having had every iPhone (except the 8) it is without surprise that I have the X. The 256gb version.
Being glass covered around the front and the back I wanted a decent case.
Over the years I have had otterbox, griffin, lifeproof etc. Tough cases- every step of the way. Always, from my iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, 5,5s, 6, 6s and 7. I’ve always wanted the phone totally encased.
When the x was announced I was looking for cases, griffin offered the survivor, but delivery was a bit long. Lifeproof hadn’t even finalised theirs, so I was stumped.
I was thinking and searching. Then I came across mous, a kickstarter company. The cases weren’t too expensive, and I liked the look of the carbon case! I love carbon fibre, the look, feel, strength and weight. So I plonked down an order. The first open faced iPhone case I’ve ever used.
The case said it came with a toughened glass screen protector, so this I thought would be … ok.
The case came, it was well packaged and clear instructions for the screen protector. I got it on more or less straight first time without bubbles. It looks like a professional job.
Then I put my x into the case. It feels… brilliant. The fit is amazing, the case is minimalist whilst being really tough. The volume buttons feel really carefully and beautifully engineered.
Wireless charging works flawlessly through the case. I was and am so impressed. My phone now looks minimal, and slim whilst still protected. Mous have shown how tough their cases are, and I am prepared to believe them.
I once- for the 5s, bought a LUNATIC TAKTIK case, through Kickstarter and it was amazing! Truly amazing, I then bought another lunatic case for the 6 but when it arrived it was awful.
But Mous have shown me how absolutely brilliant Kickstarter can be .
The case has a raised bumper at the head and at the bottom. In the middle there is no lip, but it doesn’t matter.
The case is snug, grippy, and tough. You feel confident that it will protect your £1000 phone!!
Highly recommended , highly impressed!!

Mous, iPhone X. The best your iPhone can wear

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