Osprey Levity 60L Review.

Osprey Levity 60L


My light-weight Osprey Levity arrived in the only available colour- Parallax silver. As I took it from the box I was awed by its weight, there is nothing to it. It”s so so light. Compared to my Atmos AG 65l that weighs in at 2.2KG, The Osprey Levity at 0.9KG. The weight difference is massive. Make no mistake though, the Atmos is tough… I’ve used it all over, packed to bursting in excess of 22kg….It’s a great great pack(See my review here), but it weighs more, it feels strong, so you end up overloading it. Your walks are treks, and the light-footedness of your walk is lost to trudging with weight. SO the Osprey Levity, it’s light and thin. Boy is it thin. I loaded it up, and it’s see-through. Unlike Ospreys’ advert…

Ospreys’ man, and his neat Levity.

Using it, packing it, it’s not neat. I had orange carrier-bags wedged in it, along with lumps and bumps in the side pockets, and it looked a little …eclectic.

On the

On the back and using it.

It’s light, it’s manageable, it’s practical. I started walking with it, worried my gear would rip the super-lightweight fabric. I kept walking, on and up thinking that I had left something important behind. The weight wasn’t too dissimilar to a long hike with food and coats, and yet I was totally self sufficient. Tent, Warm cloths, stove, food, water bottle, water reservoir, water filter, waterproofs, for staid kit, power-bank. I was surprised how easy it is to carry, and I can’t over-emphasise this. The joy, and willingness bubbles within when you are relatively foot-loose.

The walk went up, down, through rivers, up, over countless rocks and boulders. The Osprey Hydraulics reservoir was in position and with eyelets, and a pouch for the reservoir it was easy to keep hydrated. The pack continued to shine. I really like the dual access massive side pockets. These are great for stowing on the go. A hat, sunglasses, water filter-easy to reach in and grab without removing the pack from your back. Climbing over precarious rocks, and carefully stepping over various obstacles -you do feel the pack wobble. This is due to its fantastic lightweight airspeed back.


The pack’s back really pushes away from your body , and it really does keep you sweat free.

The only downside is that the weight is hanging out there, and due to the light-weight minimalist design of thin sternum and hip straps, there isn’t as much security and fidgety that you would find on other Osprey packs. This being said, the pack is light.

Unloading is easy. One main pocket, one hood zip, two side pockets. That is it. Your stuff is easy to find, and in my opinion the space has been used brilliantly. The 60L is totally useable.


Ok, so its £200. Thats lots, it is less than the Atmos AG 65l though…. SO I would say buy the Levity, if its for wearing on your back buy it. Its truly remarkable and will make your trips much more enjoyable. If you need something that will travel, in and out of minibuses, planes, taxis etc, then perhaps something more durable would be better-Aether, Atmos etc. This said, Osprey do offer an Aether pro…..

The bag is brilliant, it will and does show the dirt due to its colour. Overall though a great pack

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