Stollen review christmas

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Stollen cake,

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Stollen review christmas

So Stollen cake. A very different item on the blog, but a firm favourite of mine is cake, and as the season heads towards festivities and more importantly Christmas, the cake  I love is once more in our shops. The cake in question is of course; Stollen cake. Traditionally German, and traditionally delicious….HOWEVER some are simply not worth it, and should not be allowed to call them selves Stollen Cakes. First up is Aldi’s “Rich fruit marzipan Stollen”. Marzipan-I should hope!! A brief to the point review follows, and once each stollen is eaten I will find more to eat! I mean review!

£2.99 or there about it is a good effort. It doesn’t look particularly appetising in the middle photo but hey, its a German cake! At less than half the price of the same sort of thing from Tesco and Sainsbury it is good. It has a nice lode (get it? lode as in the mining term?) of marzipan. it has nice fruit that are not to gritty, and the dough is quite soft. I would like more spices and perhaps some cherries, but pretty good. For the money I was impressed, and because of that a solid 6/10

PROS: Cheap, tasty, nice lump of marzipan.

CONS: Not enough spices, never enough marzipan(ever).



The search for the best Stollen cake will continue along with attempts at home made ones. To save you money and disappointment check back, and when more are reviewed the link will be HERE.

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