Fresh coffee whilst wild camping with Cafflano.

Jetboil and cafflano

I’m a coffee snob. Ever since I saw Greg Wallace (Inside the factory) looking at instant coffee I decided that I didn’t want instant coffee any longer. The fact that the wonderful aroma is sprayed in put me off. I like the aroma, I want the aroma-and so fresh coffee was the answer, and I have discovered fresh ground coffee is available whilst wild camping!

My first foray into fresh coffee on the go was the Waccaco mini presso. A fantastic machine that is pocket size, pretty light-fantastic results but a real pain to clean-without running water to hand.

I liked the idea of grinding my own beans, and the super freshness this enables (I’d like to get in to roasting-but I’m not at that stage yet). I saw some reviews of something called Cafflano…. I dismissed it as £80 was a lot, and filter coffee didn’t do it for me. I was then browsing the Sports-pursuit website-and they were offering the Cafflano at half price-£40 with £4 postage. I thought about it, and decided to take the plunge. It arrived a few days later in a fancy box, and wrapped in fancy tissue paper. I went straight out to purchase some coffee beans-and came home to brew up some fry coffee. The freshest coffee I’ve brewed in a long time.

The ceramic grinder is adjustable, I kept it as it was-I didn’t want it too fine or it will clog the mesh filter. I ground a handful of beans-poured in the boiling water and waited. After about 3 minutes it had dripped throug-I was worried it would be cold-but the beaker it drips into is wonderfully insulated-and so thin you wouldn’t realise. I took a sip and was impressed with what I tasted. Strong, very strong-but flavours that I hadn’t tasted before were present. Rich-deep, aromatic. I was so impressed.

I take it everywhere I go now-work, holiday-even when I go wild camping its 470g bulk was a luxury I wanted to take. Fresh beans-Yum.

Fresh coffee when you’re out on some wind blown wet hill really lifts spirits-used in conjunction with a Jetboil enables a hot fresh cofffee in no more than 5 minutes. A fantastic product. Engineered well with all the parts you need to brew and enjoy a coffee. There’s a drip tray so you can take the filter out and place it some where safe. Mine has been in my back pack-so far it has stood up well, and a few scratches and grazes will make it all the better. A sign of its travels with me. Cafflano I recommend it.

In a glance.

• Portability – a 470g (1 lb.) single constructible unit with full functionality
• Convenience – easy to brew, no multiple brewing kit, measuring cup nor scale are required
• Economical – 1/10th cost of coffee at shops and 60% cost of existing bulky brewing kit
• Eco-friendly – no electric power, disposable filters & cup are required
• Individuality – freedom of choosing any specialty coffee

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