Aquapac Stormproof Camera Bag Review.

stormproof Aquapac camera case in snow

Aquapac Stormproof Camera Bag ReviewAquapac camera case

Aquapac Stormproof camera bag is a great no thrills camera case. Simply put it has a trifoldable top that buckles down to ensure integrity and total waterproofness of the case. I overstretched mine a little using it to hold my XT1, but it fits in ok with the 18mm lens.

The case opens at the top and has a removable padded hollow cube. I could just about squeeze the Xt1 into the cube before inserting it into the camera case.  Once the camera is in you roll it down trying to remove the air (otherwise it traps air like a balloon) , then you buckle and clip both sides down.

The main downside is that there is not really a decent way to carry the bag. The thing with a camera is you want it close by, you want it easily accessible, and you don’t want it to hinder you. I have used a couple of carabiners and a couple of slings to strap it to my back pack straps around my stomach area, so almost at the waist buckle. This I have tested and it  seems about as good as it will be. Ideally a fully waterproof camera would be the answer, but quality over convenience….. Im not sure. Any thoughts or questions drop me a line!!


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