Apple Watch. Is it a true outdoors watch?

The Apple Watch. Is it a true outdoors watch?

I thought it was about time to review the Apple watch. A watch that is brimming with technology, and yet compared to other smart watches is missing some fundamental features.


The watch is amazing, the first week you use it simply as a watch, but with every passing day you look at it, and interact with it more and more. From initially simply telling the times, I now find myself regularly reading and replying to texts. I am always checking on my heart rate (These are things we need to know). I use it as a remote viewfinder for my iPhone and my WIFI enabled Gopro. I use the stopwatch, I check the weather, I ping my phone when I loose it, the list goes on. Simply put it is a device you didn’t realised you used so much until it is taken away. The device is quite simply brilliant.


Main draw backs are, it isn’t waterproof. I have worn mine running in the rain and it has got drenched-and so far so good. Splash proof yes, but submersible-No (Although I did meet a guy who stuck some tape over the two holes on the edge and swims daily with it…so…).So it is relatively tough. Thats good. Also there are loads of cases you can put on the watch to make them look a little tougher. I use a cheap Spigen case. £10, makes it look a little like a GSHOCK, and does add some rubbery-ruggedness. SO all looking good as an outdoor watch.



The other drawback is no GPS in the watch. So if you want to go for a run without your phone, it will not track your run or ride accurately. It will keep your pedometer steps, and your heart rate. But we all want to see where we have been and want accuracy. After all, a false reading may make us seem better than we are! You’re only chasing yourself!

Apple watch faces
Above are a few of the faces that are used, and an in-app view. The main watch face is my favourite-simple and to the point with the complications I need. The location one is OS Locate, an app that tells you your grid reference with An Ordnance Survey reference.This uses the GPS chipset from the phone and displays it on your wrist. This is fantastic- I know it isn’t rocket science and many watches do this. But it simply works, it tells you its accuracy, and it is simply there. I’m a member of Cornwall Search and Rescue, and this app just speeds up some aspects of navigation.

New Straps


Below are a selection of the new straps offered by Apple. Their gorgeous black milanese loop is stunning. On a watch sport it transforms it. Magnetic closure a hint of sophistication, it is a strap I want!

apple watch

The Nylon Straps bring the Apple watch into a new category. Instead of being A techno watch worn by geeks and nerds, it takes it in a fun direction, and it shouts out the statement “I am a watch”. Simply, not a smart watch , just a watch. To be honest it is. A sort watch in the 21st century IS a watch.

The straps look very pretty, with fine detail and fit the same way as they all do.

apple watch

Apple watch


In summary I think that it is an outdoor watch. It does so much, and is seriously smart-infact the smartest watch in the world. Despite having to charge it every night, it is great. It does everything you could want. Linked with a phone it is a super complete outdoors watch. Tough, accurate and reliable. It looks good too!

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